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FAQ: All about the Google RankBrain Algorithm | Search Engine Land

Abstract Image of Google RankbrainFirst is the Bloomberg story that broke the news about RankBrain (See also our write-up of it). Second, additional information that Google has now provided directly to Search Engine Land. Third, our own knowledge and best assumptions in places where Google isn’t providing answers. We’ll make clear where these sources are used, when deemed necessary, apart from general background information. More at http://searchengineland.com

What Is Google RankBrain And Why Does It Matter? | Forbes

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system that’s being applied to and used with Google’s current search engine algorithms to provide better results to user queries. Rooted in machine learning, RankBrain will use mathematical processes and an advanced understanding of language semantics to gradually learn more about how and why people search and apply those conclusions to future search results.

Rather than being preprogrammed to respond to certain situations in a specific, pre-determined way (like Google search has been up until now), it can update itself over time. Think of it as a robot that can constantly scour for better parts to upgrade itself with rather than relying on an outside human for occasional maintenance.

What RankBrain Isn’t More at https://www.forbes.com

Understanding Google RankBrain Algorithm | SEJ

RankBrain is Google’s machine learning algorithm that they launched in 2015. Its goal is to better help Google understand certain types of search queries, particularly the ones that Google hasn’t seen before. This means RankBrain has a more significant impact on the 15 % of search queries daily that Google has never seen previously. But it can also affect popular queries, too.

RankBrain helps Google with the ability to serve search results when specific types of keywords that are usually omitted when ranking search results are instead given more emphasis in that query. This includes keywords like the word without. One example that Gary Illyes from Google often gives is “How to beat Super Mario Brothers without cheats.” More at https://www.searchenginejournal.com

RankBrain Unleashed | Moz

Whenever Google announces something as important as a new algorithm, I always try to hold off on writing about it immediately, to let the dust settle, digest the news and the posts that talk about it, investigate, and then, finally, draw conclusions.

I did so in the case of Hummingbird. I do it now for RankBrain.

In the case of RankBrain, this is even more correct, because — let’s be honest — we know next to nothing about how RankBrain works. The only things that Google has said publicly are in the video Bloomberg published and the few things unnamed Googlers told Danny Sullivan for his article, FAQ: All About The New Google RankBrain Algorithm. More at https://moz.com

RankBrain: How Google Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Rank Web Pages | Marketing Land

RankBrain isn’t replacing the current Google Algorithm (currently nicknamed Hummingbird), but instead, RankBrain is one of the “hundreds” of signals according to Bloomberg. Previously Google has claimed up to 10,000 signals & sub-signals. It turns out that the RankBrain signal is pretty important too. Greg Corrado, Google senior research scientist, stated that RankBrain is now the 3rd most important signal in matching results to a search query. When asked about the other two Google declined to comment.

The artificial intelligence of RankBrain comes in the form of mathematical entities called vectors that can be understood by computers. When presented with an unfamiliar word, RankBrain will help formulate a guess at what the query was about and filter accordingly. At Search Engine Land we took a deep dive into RankBrain and were given the following Google authored post on machine learning with some examples for those looking to learn more on the topic. More at http://marketingland.com

What is Google’s RankBrain AI Algorithm? | Husaria Marketing

Google processes over 40,000 searches per second. This adds up to 3.5 billion per day and 1.2 trillion per year. To process all of these queries and give the most relevant results to users, Google uses what they call their Hummingbird algorithm. RankBrain is the machine-learning part of the Hummingbird algorithm, and it is just one of the “hundreds” of major signals that Google uses (and perhaps 10,000 sub-signals) to give you your search results.

More at https://husaria-marketing.com

An In-Depth Look Into Google’s RankBrain Algorithm | SEMRush

RankBrain is the program that forms part of the algorithm Google uses to sort through billions of search result pages in order to determine which search results are most relevant to specific requests. It forms the latest component of Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm, which drives the overall system.

The Hummingbird algorithm is composed of numerous components, including Penguin, Payday and Panda, which fights spam. Pigeon is a component which enhances local results, while Top Heavy downgrades web pages stuffed with ads.

Another crucial component to pay attention to is Mobile Friendly, which rewards pages for publishing mobile-friendly content. Pirate battles copyright infringements, while PageRank plays an important role in a strategy that dishes out credit to pages based on the in-bound links they receive from other websites. More at https://www.semrush.com

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