How Long Should Your Webpage Title Be? Here’s What The Experts Say

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Title Tag | Moz

Image of Computer ScreensGoogle typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag. If you keep your titles under 60 characters, our research suggests that you can expect about 90% of your titles to display properly. There’s no exact character limit because characters can vary in width and Google’s display titles max out (currently) at 600 pixels. More at

New Title & Description Lengths for Google SEO in Search Results | The Sem Post

The new title length is 70 characters before Google will truncate the title with ellipses (…).  This is an increase of 10-15 characters, which is pretty significant.  It can go up to at least 71 characters, depending on the letters used, since l and i are small characters. More at

Significant Change to SERPs: Google Extends Length of Titles and Descriptions | Search Engine Journal

Title tags have been increased to 70–71 characters, which is up from its previous 50–60 characters. That’s at least enough to fit in another word or two.

Meta descriptions have been increased by 100 characters per line and extended from two to three lines. That’s a significant increase and presents far more of an opportunity to tell searchers what the page is about.

Slegg reports that Google is still truncating the descriptions to two lines for many search results still, so you may still see them coming in at around 160 characters at times. When a three line snipped is displayed they come in at 278 characters per line. More at

Google Title Tag SERP Preview Tool 2017 | SmartSearch Marketing

Title Tags: Title Tags are now based on a 6oo pixel (px) width limit. We see some Title Tags of up to 70 characters in length, but results vary depending on the size of specific characters included. For example “W” uses more space than “I”. Once past the 600px limit you will see the dreaded “…”, which makes your listing less effective and can lower response rate and clicks. Also, when a search query keyword is found in a Title Tag, it is shown as bold thus increasing the pixel width of these characters. More at

How To Write Meta Title Tags For SEO (with Good And Bad Examples) | Search Engine Watch

What is a title tag? How do you write one? Why are title tags important? Do they actually help with search engine optimization? Can I see some good and bad examples?

Following on from our blockbusting guide 22 SEO essentials for optimizing your site, I thought I’d follow up the advice on title tags and answer all of the above questions.

If you just want a quick guide to optimizing title tags, click here to jump to the checklist section.

For the rest of you, first let’s talk about meta tags in general:

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Google Increases Title and Meta Description Length in Search Results | SEO Inc

How Long Should Your Titles and Meta Description Lengths Be Now?
Last week, SEMPost noticed Google had increased the width of the search results by about 100 pixels. Now sitting at 600 pixels wide, the search results have more room for a bigger title and meta description.

Here are the new lengths for desktop:

Title length: 70-71 characters
Meta description length: 200
And here are the new lengths for mobile:

Title length: 78 characters
Meta description length: 170-172

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