June 20 2017 | Search Engine News and Picks for The SEO Daily

Search Engine News & Picks For Tuesday, June 20, 2017

1. Eleven SEO Myths You Need To Stop Believing Today

June 20th The Seo DailyThere are so many myths and misconceptions about SEO floating about. I mean, we all want to get SEO right, so why do these myths live on, acquiring the status of urban legend? Some of them are hilarious, but some can really hurt you. They can keep you from improving your search traffic and website rankings, and hinder your best content marketing efforts. More at http://www.jeffbullas.com

2. Ask Yoast: Is My Site Structure Too Deep?

If you own a website, you have to think about the structure of your site, whether it’s a blog or a shop. Site structure is essential to help users find their way on your site and it helps your site to rank. So your site’s hierarchy needs to make sense to both users and search engines. More at yoast.com

3. ‘SEO: The Movie’ Aims To Trace The Rise Of Internet Marketing

A couple of stories really stood out to me: Rae Hoffman (aka Sugarrae) talking about how her first affiliate marketing commission check was worth more than what her then-husband was making in an entire year, and Rand Fishkin of Moz talking about the company’s early financial troubles and how attending two conferences set a course toward profitability. More at http://searchengineland.com

4. What Link Builders Really Want You To Know

The fact of the matter is that link building just isn’t as simple as “build X links and you’ll outrank the competition.” There are a lot of factors that make link building a complex and difficult process, and on this page are just a few things we link builders wish everyone understood better. More at http://searchengineland.com

5. Ten Ways SEO Can Help You Improve Your Online Reputation

The best course of action is to take steps to keep your reputation protected before a disaster happens. One of the most powerful tools you can use for a strong online reputation is search engine optimization. Here are 10 SEO principles that could help you maintain a positive online reputation. More at http://techaeris.com

6. Google for Jobs: Machine-Learning Powers New Job Search Feature

On Tuesday, the online search giant rolled out Google for Jobs, which aggregates job listings from career websites and makes them viewable in users’ Google search results. The point of the new feature, which Google originally announced last month, is to let job seekers see a wider range of filtered job results without having to check multiple job sites. More at http://fortune.com

7. How To Search Google

No matter how good you may be with Google search, there’s always something new to learn given Google’s constant tweaks. This perpetual state of change is most noticeable in Chrome, where Google can integrate search capabilities with its own browser. To advance your search game, or just discover hidden tips, check out these master tips. http://www.pcworld.com

8. NYC Startup LuckyDiem is Reinventing Local Search

LuckyDiem is a local search app that bundles the digital marketing funnel for businesses and integrates discounts, rewards, and loyalty for consumers. We are attempting to level the playing field for small businesses to compete with national brands by removing time and money from the digital marketing equation. More at http://www.alleywatch.com

9. Three Ways SEO Can Ruin Content

Do you think keyphrase usage destroys well-written content? Well, you’re right. Up to a point. Way back in 2011, Lee Odden wrote “Content Strategy and the Dirty Lie About SEO.” At the end of the post, he posed the question – the question that’s been debated ever since “writing for search engines” More at More at http://seocopywriting.com

10. Creating a Winning SEO Strategy for E-commerce Companies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has tons of benefits for e-commerce brands. It’s a great way to attract new customers and increase your sales without paying for advertising. Because of this, people often call organic traffic “free traffic,” but that’s a little inaccurate… More at https://www.singlegrain.com

11. The Idiot’s Guide to Link Metrics

Let’s take a breather first: Why is this post called “The Idiot’s Guide to Link Metrics”? The reason for this is because I am challenging myself to write about a respectably challenging topic and make it in a way that ANYONE can understand it. More at https://seo-hacker.com

12. What Link Builders Really Want You To Know

Unless you’re a magician (or a charlatan), you cannot look at a site and make a concrete determination about how many links are required to obtain the desired rankings and traffic numbers. You can’t look at a target site and accurately gauge how getting a link on it will impact your site. More at http://searchengineland.com

13. Google’s Fred Update is Not an Updated Panda Algo

Google’s Fred update, the update encompassing many updates that SEOs have seen in fluctuations in the search results is still a hot topic.  Fred, which we know is a quality related update, was discussed by Gary Illyes from Google at last week’s SMX Advanced. More at http://www.thesempost.com

Paid Search News & Picks For Tuesday, June 20, 2017

1. Three  Ways To Scale Your SEM Efforts When You Are Hitting A Wall

It happens to every AdWords practitioner at some point. We launch our campaigns, split out exact match and broad match, mine for queries, work on expansions, test different initiatives, run betas, etc. – and then we hit a wall. More at More at https://searchenginewatch.com

2. How to Perform an AdWords Audit

An audit can reveal painful hidden issues that need to be addressed. Once you’ve identified these issues, you can get to work improving the overall health and performance of your account. We know that quality matters more than quantity when it comes to link building, yet we’ve all seen sites ranking well when they shouldn’t. More at https://www.searchenginejournal.com

Web Content

1. How Videos Can Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy

Studies show that organic traffic from search engines increases by 157% when posts include videos. No matter what you’re promoting, be it business, blog or a brand, videos help bring in more visitors. You don’t have to be an expert at videography either to use video in your content marketing strategy. More at https://yourstory.com

2. Reuters Launches Custom Content Studio, Reuters Plus

“Marketers are at a moment where the have to think seriously about how they are able to tell credible, compelling stories in the world today,” Mandel asserted. “Reuters Plus is about helping brands leverage Reuters storytelling, which we’ve been doing for the past 160 years, to help them tell their stories in a very credible way More at https://www.mediapost.com

3. Why Educational Content Marketing Is So Powerful

On the surface, brands may balk at the idea of giving away expertise for free. After all, the idea is a bit counterintuitive: Companies (particularly B2B companies) want potential customers to rely on their expertise, so why should they give away their insight via free content? More at https://www.skyword.com

4. Six Takeaways from Forward 2017

In a world full of fake news and alternative facts, it can be difficult to put trust into brands and businesses. How do we attract an audience and then convince them we’re to be trusted? The obvious answer is that by sharing valid information and supporting all of your claims with statistics and sources, you make it clear that you’re a writer with integrity. More at https://www.skyword.com

5. The Evolution of Content Marketing: What the 1900s Can Teach You

Known today for their big green tractors, John Deere was an early adopter of content marketing, producing its own lifestyle magazine for farmers in 1895 called “The Furrow”. No, it wasn’t a catalog to sell their product. It did, though, increase brand loyalty. Increased sales were just one happy byproduct (of many) from the valuable content John Deere provided for its customers. More at https://www.searchenginejournal.com

6. Writing: Six Types of Hooks to Reel in Readers

the effort you put into creating an enticing hook will likely be the difference between an article that gets read and an article that gets swallowed up by the content flood. In fact, hooks are so important, Ann Handley has devoted an entire chapter to them in her Everybody Writes! More at https://www.marketingprofs.com


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