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Search Engine Picks of The Day

Google’s Page Speed Ranking Boost Acts as Tie Breaker in Search Results

Sunday June 17 2017 - The Seo DailyGary Illyes at SMX Advanced this week confirmed that it is a minor ranking signal but that it acts as a tie-breaker rather than something that will cause a significant boost in the rankings for a speedy site.  He also confirmed it was similar to the https ranking boost Google does, which also acts as a tie breaker when there are two similar results, and the https can be the reason it scores the higher position in the search results.  More at www.thesempost.com

Five  questions: Talking local SEO with David Mihm

Well, I’m going to cheat a little. I’d say there are two very important trends. These are far more important for the average local business than any given algorithm update over which so many SEOs obsess. These are 1) Google’s increased monetization of local SERPs, and 2) Knowledge Panels. I wrote about both of these pretty extensively in my 2017 predictions post. More at https://yoast.com

Google Sandbox – What Is It And How Does It Affect Your Website?

Google Sandbox has an especially obvious effect on high-competition keywords. More people are trying to make their sites rank for those terms. Google uses the Sandbox filter to make sure that low-quality sites don’t take over results, but even good sites get caught in it. More at performancing.com/google-sandbox/

How To Capture Country Specific Web Traffic

So you want more traffic from a specific country for your website? Whether it’s Denmark, China, France or the USA, here are
some strategies that work. More at https://www.periscopeup.com

Topical Relevance, SEO and Keyword Stemming!

This is typically referred to as mid-tail to long-tail traffic, however, this type of traffic can often exceed intentional (sought after) primary keywords consistently. In addition, using this aspect of how search engines scale relevance (before awarding a site a top ranking) keyword stemming should be utilized as a strategic advantage. More at http://www.seodesignsolutions.com

 How to Know if Your SEO Changes Are Actually Working

Within the application, I like to look at impressions because you typically get more impressions before you get more clicks and higher rankings. When you go from ranking #10 to #9, for example, you won’t see much more search traffic—but your impression counts will start going up. More at https://www.singlegrain.com

What’s the ‘Best’ Word Count for Google? [Updated for 2017]

Today, it’s an entirely different story. In many cases, a 250-word blog post could be considered “thin content.”  Now, many companies are creating 5,000+ word in-depth guides to showcase their expertise -and to snag positioning opportunities. More at http://seocopywriting.com

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Web Content Picks of The Day

1. HTML to WordPress App Review: A Genius Site Converter

Why would you start with an HTML build only to change your mind and bring it over to WordPress? Sounds tedious to me. Apparently I’m right about the tedious part, but converting from HTML to WordPress is far more common than I assumed. More at https://wplift.com

2. Five Easy Steps for a Killer Content Strategy

Content is king. This saying can strike fear into many companies that simply don’t have a lot of it. Do you know where it came from? A guy named Bill Gates, way back in 1996. It’s been over two decades since Gates’ statement, and we’ve seen with each passing year just how crucial content really is. We live in a content-saturated world. Never has a solid content strategy been more crucial.  More at https://97thfloor.com

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