July 12 2017 | Search Engine News and Picks for The SEO Daily

Search Engine News & Picks For Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1. Link Echoes and Link Ghosts: How Do They Affect Your SEO? – Performancing

Link ghosts are links to your site that have been removed or deleted. Sites remove or delete links for many reasons. Updating a webpage to include new information may delete the content that included your original link. An inbound link may be deleted after a period of time. July 12 The SEO DailyMore at http://performancing.com

2. Growing SEMrush tribe: 40 experts visit St. Petersburg for WNSM17 -SEMrush

Having an opportunity to gather world-renowned experts in one room and get their feedback on SEMrush tools is invaluable indeed. We’d like to thank each and everyone who managed to find time in their busy schedules and made it to St. Petersburg! Here is a summary of comments and ideas we have received during the Lean Cafe session. More at https://www.semrush.com

3. Google Flags User Submitted Store Hours in Local Knowledge Panel – The SEM Post

Google has received some criticism when hours listed in a local knowledge panel don’t match a location’s actual hours.  Google is now showing when a user submits hours that don’t match the hours either Google has added or that the business has submitted, and flags them clearly as being different hours that someone has submitted. More at http://www.thesempost.com

4. Awesome Underground SEOs That You Should Be Following –  Search Engine Journal

I want to introduce you to a few “underground” SEO geniuses. They have great articles, content, and even large Facebook groups. They do “sell” a lot of services. That is why they are so good at what they do. They make a living at it. More at https://www.searchenginejournal.com

5. Google’s New “Suggested Clips” Feature – CleverClicks

It’s no secret that video content has become an important part of every digital marketing strategy – and it looks to have become even more important with the new Suggested Clips feature by Google. More at http://cleverclicks.com.au

6. Google Begins Rolling out Messaging Feature Within Google My Business – Search Engine Land

Google has confirmed this is now fully rolling out to businesses in the US and I am personally able to test it on businesses that I have access to under my Google My Business account. When you go to the Google My Business homepage, you will see this new section for “Messaging” on the left and an option in the middle promoting it saying, “Message with customers.”  More at http://searchengineland.com

7. Subtle On-Site Issues No SEO Should Miss – Search Engine Watch

Your on-site SEO could be broken without you realizing it. We all know some of the basics. Content is king. Users come first. Avoid thin content, keyword stuffing, above-the-fold advertising, etc. But not all on-site SEO issues are so obvious. Here are seven on-site issues that are very easy to miss. More at https://searchenginewatch.com

8. Complete Guide to 4xx HTTP Status Codes by an SEO Dad – Portent

We scrolled through the page and found what we were looking for but, something else caught my attention. I am a father of two, a ten and soon-to-be seven-year-old, and a lot of the 4xx errors and their explanations sound strikingly similar to some of the things I have to say to my kids on an extremely regular basis.  More at https://www.portent.com

9. Google says it lost 20 days of data of new Google Search Console Users – Search Engine Land

Those webmasters and SEOs who signed up to the Google Search Console and verified properties will not see those 20 days of data. Google seems to have fixed the issue going forward, but anyone who signed up as a new user to the Google Search Console during that date range of June 21 to July 10 will be missing data between those dates. More at http://searchengineland.com

10. Moving Your Website To Https / SSl: Tips & Tricks – Yoast

Back in 2014 HTTPS became a hot topic after the Heartbleed bug became public. This bug allowed people with ill intent to listen in on traffic being transferred over SSL/TLS. It also gave them the ability to hijack and/or read the data. Luckily, this bug got patched quickly after its discovery. This incident was a wake-up call that properly encrypting user information over the internet is a necessity and shouldn’t be an optional thing. More at https://yoast.com

11. Four Reasons Inbound Links Won’t Boost Your Organic Search Rankings – Search Engine Journal

Links were, are, and will continue to be the lifeblood of search engine optimization (SEO) for many years to come. That’s why SEO professionals invest in some form of link building — whether it’s blog posts, guest posts, social sharing, outreach campaigns, or paid links. The sad truth is that even if you successfully earn lots of relevant and natural inbound links, there’s no guarantee you’ll get high search engine ranking positions. More at https://www.searchenginejournal.com

Paid Search News & Picks For Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1. The State of Paid Social 2017 | PPC Hero

72% of marketers are spending less than 15% of their budget on social. Are you part of that 72%? Facebook continues to lead the charge in social advertising, but there are many up and coming platforms that you should be paying attention to and adding to your marketing mix. Although many marketers aren’t spending a whole lot in social at the moment, 63% say they will increase their social spend by 2018. More at http://www.ppchero.com

2. Google AdSense Bans Pop Up Or Pop-Under Ads- Search Engine Roundtable

Google announced that their AdSense product has updated their ad policies to disallow Google AdSense ads from showing on pages that are triggered by pop up or pop under techniques. In addition, you can not use Google AdSense ads on any website that deploys pop-under ads. More at https://www.seroundtable.com

Web Content News & Picks For Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1. The 12 Simple Rules For Successful Content Marketing – Jeff Bullas

Content marketing can have a significant influence on everything from the marketing output of a small business to a whole country’s presidential election result. It’s difficult to even comprehend how much content is produced on a daily basis – with two million blog posts written every day. More at http://www.jeffbullas.com

2. Five Easy Steps to Writing the Perfect Guest Post – The Blog Herald

Writing a guest post for a blog that fits in your niche is a great way to attract new traffic to your blog. If those readers like your content, chances are good that they’ll hop over and check out your blog as well. This will undoubtedly lead to some new followers and more buzz about your content – all of which are great things. More at http://www.blogherald.com

3. Content Marketing is Changing SEO: 3 Tips to Boost Your Traffic – SEO Chat

Write a killer blog post or tweet and you can create a huge amount of awareness among your targeted audience. Content marketing has become an integral part of all marketing strategies and is set to become a $313 billion industry by 2019, according to PQ Media’s ‘Global Content Marketing – Forecast 2015-19.’  More at http://www.seochat.com

4. Stop Making These 12 Word Choice Errors Once and for All – Copyblogger

When you memorize without any meaningful context, you may quickly forget a definition and continually select a word that doesn’t mean what you think it means. When you learn how to use the following 12 pairs of words, it will be easier to choose the proper one for your content. Write the correct words the first time, and you’ll spend less time editing later. More at http://www.copyblogger.com

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