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Long Tail Pro – How to Use It for Keyword Research | Razor Social

Image of Multiple Computer Screens in an officeThere is a range of keyword research tools available, but one of the biggest benefits of Long Tail Pro is the ability to search for many different keywords at once.  No need to search for every option individually!  Just plug in your ‘seed’ keywords all at once and set it to work. More at

How To Use Long Tail Pro to Find Profitable Keywords | Screw The Nine To Five

A long tail keyword is a keyword phrase composed of three or more words that are more specific than a single keyword. They are also more likely to convert to sales than the shorter, more generic keywords because there is typically far less competition for them.  More at

How To Use Long Tail Pro To Research Keywords For Your Blog Posts | Magnet 4 Blogging

In this post, you’ll learn how to use Long Tail Pro to research and find potential keywords to use in your blog posts and pages. Two of my current favorite SEO tools right now is Positionly and Long Tail Pro. I use Positionly to help me track my website’s keywords, search engine rankings and the general health of my off-page SEO. I love to use Long Tail Pro to help me find relevant keywords or long tail phrases to target when writing long-form content for my blog. More at

5 Strategies for Using Long Tail Platinum Like a Pro | LongtailPro

If you are already using Long Tail Platinum, you may be well aware of the strategies we’re going to share today. However, we want to show you how Long Tail Platinum can really become your keyword hub. A place to find, analyze, track, slice, dice, and sort your keywords. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress, Wix, or any other platform – good SEO practices will contribute hugely to the success of your site, and good keyword research is a huge part of that. More at

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