How To Use Google Keyword Planner For Organic SEO

Image of a laptop displaying the Google Adwords siteThe Google Keyword Planner was created for to help people create Pay Per Click Adwords campaigns. You can use the tool to choose keywords for your organic keyword research. The tool has a lot of information you need, to select keywords that will work for your site.

Using The Google Adwords Planner

How to use the Keyword Planner tool effectively

Learn how to use the Keyword Planner tool effectively to lay the groundwork for a successful campaign on Google. Make the most of your experience when using the AdWords keyword tool. More at

Guide to Google Keyword Planner for SEO

This guide outlines the features and functionality of the Keyword Planner, discussing how you should approach the tool as well as some caveats you should keep in mind when using its data. The Keyword Planner is a powerful tool, but it’s also part of an advertising platform and heavily oriented towards paid search. More at

How to Get The Most Out of the Google Keyword Planner

It’s called the Google Keyword Planner. Sound cool? It is. Keep in mind that the tool is designed with Adwords advertisers in mind. So there are a lot of features in the tool (like keyword bidding features) that won’t be useful for you. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get the most SEO value out of the Google Keyword Planner. More at

Google Keyword Planner’s Dirty Secrets

Whether you plan to use it to help build a paid search campaign or determine which content to write, there are huge caveats to the numbers presented as Average Search Volume. Today, I want to walk through a number of the “gotchas” in Google Keyword Planner data so you can do better keyword research and make smarter decisions for you or your clients’ sites. More at

How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool For Keyword Research

Keyword research is one topic, which every blogger should learn from day one. Probably, every Blogging or SEO blog you have read till now, I’m sure Google Keyword Planner (previously Keyword Tool) and “Keyword research” are not a new term for you.  But if not, you are missing out the basic of any Blog SEO. More at

How to Do Keyword Research Using Keyword Planner

The following 5-step plan for researching keywords is the perfect guide for beginners and intermediate users. It will take you from identifying relevant keywords to implementing a successful keyword strategy for your website. More at

Why You Can’t Bank On The Google Keyword Planner Tool

Even if you can get the data do you really want it? Sure you can make it through all the bugs and get an idea on how many searches a keyword gets. But you can never bank on that data to find low competition keywords for SEO. More at

Google Keyword Planner Alternative

RIP Google Keyword Tool: 4 Free Alternatives for Your Keyword Research

If you’ve tried to use the free Google Keyword Tool recently, you may have been surprised to discover the following message: And if this message has caused you fear, trepidation or disillusionment, take a deep breath and keep reading! There are still lots of good options available to you, so it’s no time to panic. Here are some great free keyword tools you can use in place of the beloved Google Keyword Tool! More at

8 Alternatives to Google Keyword Tool

Recently Google decided to more tightly integrate the tool with AdWords and rebranded it as AdWords Planner. In addition to requiring users to log into an AdWords account to access the tool a great deal of useful research functionality has been stripped away. More at

17 Google Keyword Planner Alternatives

Here is the good news… You can piece together your SEO research by using various free keyword tools or invest in a Google Keyword Planner alternative that gives you all of the information needed in one location.

12 Free Keyword Tools To Replace Google’s Keyword Tool

Now if you want access to Google sanctioned keyword data you have to sign up for an Adwords account. Of course, here are a ton of theories surrounding why Google would make this decision, some are more obvious than others. More at

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